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Who i am?

I am a professional certified masseuse of about 15 types of massage. I started to massage from a young age. Physical exertion in childhood allowed me to properly Press on the musculature already then… In 1994, I received my first certification. Massager for Sports and Restorative massage. As a full-time professional, I started to perform massages only after maternity, i.e. from about 2010. Until 2015, I was gradually certified for other types of massage. How about a personal masseuse for you?

My status as a personal masseuse.

Client recommendation is the main direction of marketing, where I increase my clientele mainly within family members and their closest ones. Today I am a masseuse of many families, where my massages and therapies often help three generations of the family. For many and many of these families, I am the person who used to be the family doctor. I am such a distant family member that family members do not see him every day, but they know very well that he is close to them. That he will help them with words and, above all, with his massage mastery, empathy and feeling. Just their personal masseuse.

I like meeting new people. I am a positive, highly empathetic human being-a woman. I look forward to seeing you all who have read me.

You are welcome in my massage studio in Prague 2 about 130m from the vestibule of Metro Muzeum. Still, it is possible that I will be able to satisfy your interest in massage in a few days. I have a large clientele and we perform a limited number of 3 to 5 massages or therapies per day. It is absolutely necessary to make an appointment in advance.

I look forward to seeing you.

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Marie - Massage Prague |

Opening hours
Monday-Thursday 8:00-20:00
Friday 8:00-19:00

Outside the stated opening hours by appointment.

Massage Prague

Mánesova 813/4
Praha 2 – Vinohrady

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