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Swedisch massage Regenerative is news.

Among my health massages, there was a massage missing, which would be a compromise between my Sports Reconditioning massage and the Relaxation Intuitive massage only. In other words, a health massage, where the goal would not be to release blocked spasms, but a gentler health massage relaxes the muscles and the psyche and is generally […]

Booking – new and only way to order

Booking massage & theraphy |

So far, my main communication channel for your order has been SMS, phone calls and emails. The situation now with new websites (i.e. the increasing number of new clients) has become unsustainable and very time-consuming. I decided I had to change the system. The result: a new and only way of ordering from August 25, […]

New professional website

New professional website After many, many years, I received a complete redesign of my professional website, which is now multilingual. There were many comments on the original website, e.g. to many different types of information in one place. Inability of the website to display correctly on mobile devices. Website accessibility issues. A new professional […]

Massage authority magazine Kvety

massage authority |

I don’t look for advertising, and even today I don’t pay for any supporting marketing activities (PR articles, etc.) apart from the operation of websites. Nevertheless, I am sometimes approached to share my experiences. Like a true massage authority. In December 2019, I published my experiences for Květy magazine. They were mainly interested in two […]

Cellulite – an eternal topic for women

cellulite eternal topic for woman |

Cellulite is an eternal and essential topic for most women. So she should be. And it is unfair that men are rarely affected by cellulite. Unfortunately, men have fewer fat cells and differently arranged fibrous fibers. My practice shows, and to my surprise, that women and girls who have the first signs of incipient cellulite […]

How about cellulite?

Cellulite removal and better body shaping cannot be fooled. Due to the insufficient time of the corrals. And of course the products used must be of 100% quality. Yes, it should go without saying. How about cellulite? How to get rid of this not only cosmetic deficiency? In the past two weeks, I had the […]

Tickling experience

Tickling | Tickling theraphy At first I thought of tickling as relaxation, simply a fad of the Western world. Which will soon be in demand here as well. My experiences with tickling, even on the fingers of one hand so far, testify to the great potential of tickling relaxation. I have already enjoyed dozens of […]

Lymphatic massage for your health

Lymphatic massage | Manual lymphatic drainage Do you use a car? And are you male or female? It doesn’t matter… Because we all have inside us the equivalent of the fuel system of an internal combustion car. He is Lymph. Lymphatic massage for your health is basis. Lymphatic massage or manual lymphatic drainage is one […]

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