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Chinese pressure massage Tuina

Chinese Tuina massage, or Chinese pressure massage, is based on truly perfect knowledge of at least acupressure techniques. And therefore mastering is necessary and a really good knowledge of meridians, the so-called energy pathways. Do you want to experience a pleasant and effective oriental massage of the neck, head, back, pelvis, abdomen, upper and lower limbs?


The principle of Chinese pressure massage

it consists in acting on energy centers and meridians. By activating the meridian pathways and centers, your life energy is harmonized and revitalized.
Spasms, stiffness and blocks and their removal is the goal of my classic Recondiční sports massage, when you want an immediate effect. This result will come to you during my Reconditioning Sports Massage during or shortly after its completion.
With long-term neglected care for your muscles, even a 120-minute massage will not be able to unblock and dissolve everything. So you have to count on at least 2-3 repeated massages after about 2-3 weeks. So the Chinese pressure massage does not replace my hard Sportovne massage Recondiční

The combination of Chinese pressure massage into my Sports Reconditioning Massage is suitable for a 90 or 120 minute massage.

Chinese pressure massage as a separate massage is ideal if you expect relief from the release of blocked energy.

However, who among us feels that they have blocked energy? The vast majority of us perceive blocked energy only as our own manifestations of pain on or in our body.

I recommend Tuina’s massage in individual areas of the body such as the back and neck. Chinese head massage  and Chinese neck massage are highly effective massages where even you, as an ignorant person, perceive the cause and effect, i.e. the relationship of blocked energy to specific relief. Your reward is to reduce or eliminate stress and to induce relaxation.


When do I recommend a Tuina massage:

  • You are in too much of a hurry, stressed at work or at home
  • You have depressive states
  • You suffer from headaches (migraines)
  • You have problems with breathing or digestion
  • Are you irritable, unfocused, moody?


Relief awaits you with me.

Massage time: 60 or 90 minutes


I look forward to you,  Marie – personal masseuse


Contraindications to Tuina Chinese pressure massage:

  • Infectious diseases, fever or antibiotics
  • Very high or low pressure
  • Local infection or inflammation
  • In case of injury or just after surgery, accident, injury
  • Cancer
  • Vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, inflammation of veins and arteries, etc.
  • Epilepsy
  • Psoriasis
  • They are not very suitable for pregnant women, because of their intensity.
Chinese pressure massage Tuina |

39 €

60 minut - Chinese pressure massage Tuina

Chinese pressure massage Tuina |

57 €

90 minut - Chinese pressure massage Tuina

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