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Body peeling and full body massage

Body peeling and full body massage

 is a cosmetic procedure especially for women. Of course, I would also like to welcome men. And I remember three cases of men over the years. Body peeling and full body massage not only for your partner’s birthday.

Purpose of Ritual:

Unblocking clogged pores and cleansing the skin. The skin will then be able to breathe better. Let’s not forget that the skin is our largest organ. After peeling with massage, the skin will be beautifully supple, soft and supple.

How does this ritual work?

Body peeling is a mixture of salt crystals, sugar and vegetable oils. I apply it to your skin, which I massage at the same time. it will rid you of dead skin cells, give your skin a good circulation and prepare it for further care. It has an excellent effect on tired or calloused skin, it oxygenates and has an excellent effect against cellulite . In combination with my Relaxation Massage, you will feel completely relaxed and younger.

Body peeling and full body ritual in my studio in Prague 2 Vinohrady.

Duration: 90 minutes

I look forward to you,

Marie – personal masseuse & therapist
Massage Prague

Body peeling and full body massage |

55 €

90 minut - Body peeling and full body massage

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Massage Prague

Mánesova 813/4
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