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Magnets, magnetic field effects, magnetotherapy |

Beauty and body care, health improvement, detoxification of the body

Magnets, magnetic field effects, magnetotherapy.

At the beginning of my massage practice, there was no information and aids for the use of magnets and magnetotherapy in the field of massage.

I bought a magnetic bracelet in time. Their effectiveness is possible with long-term and constant wear. In 2013, I bought a not cheap magnetic set for masseurs, the so-called magnetic spoon and magnetic boulders . Perhaps it is possible to apply it to someone with slight muscle strain.

But far from satisfied.

I found other areas for the use of professional magnetic therapy. Beauty and body care, improving health, detoxifying the body …was my goal.

Professional clinical magnetic therapy and several powerful applicators were my final big investment.

I emphasize the category of PROFESSIONAL magnetic therapy used in rehabilitation institutes, clinics and selected hospital facilities. The use of magnetotherapy as an aid cannot even be considered in another class of devices and applicators.

A pulsed low-frequency magnetic field positively affects biochemical and biophysical reactions in cells and between cells. It improves the permeability of cell membranes. The consequence of the application of the magnetic field is the fact that the cells are increasingly supplied with oxygen and other important substances, which improves the metabolism process. This is the basis of the health of our organs, body and skin and their youthful appearance and health.


Scientific explanation of the effect of magnetism:

  • Cell growth and function are controlled by electromagnetic oscillations.
  • Disturbance of the electromagnetic field leads to serious damage to the cells. Disease occurs.
  • Magnetism is a source of living energy driving vital processes in the body. The intensity of cell oscillation decreases with the severity of the disease.  
  • Lack of magnetic energy leads to such disruption of cells.
  • Due to the inductive effects of the magnetic field, the disturbed control system of the cells is balanced and the cells are thus regenerated.
  • Electromagnetic vibrations energetically regenerate the diseased cell and resonate it back to the correct frequency.


It is a natural biological method of regeneration. Both internal organs and skin.


Magnetotherapy has no negative side effects.

High-quality magnetotherapy pulses on specific frequency ranges regenerate our electromagnetic field. The natural regeneration of the damaged part is activated.

Self-regulation and self-repair of the organism is stimulated by the action of magnetotherapy. Magnetism acts locally on surface and deep tissue, but the targeted magnetic field activates the system of immunity, detoxification and defense.

General effects of pulsed magnetic field for health and beauty:
  • analgesic effect – relieves pain
  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • accelerates the healing process and cell regeneration
  • expands blood vessels and improves blood circulation at the application site
  • strengthens and stabilizes bone tissue, helps to regenerate joint cartilage and intervertebral discs
  • relaxing effect on muscles – removes muscle spasms (thus improves the effectiveness of my Sportovna Rekondiční massage), blockages and spasms.

Unfortunately, even here, the effect of magnetotherapy is sometimes not even subjectively discernible during a one-time, isolated application… especially when it comes to the effect on beauty .

Similarly, for men, my Prostate Health Massage… only repeated and, if possible, regular Prostate Health Massage in addition to classical oncological treatment can noticeably eliminate prostate enlargement and possibly maintain it at a favorable level.


Today, I know about 10 common magnetotherapy applications that will noticeably strengthen the effect of my massages and therapies:



Cellulite develops from a young age, mainly in overweight people, in certain exposed areas of the body as a result of disorders of the vascular and lymphatic flow of the skin and insufficient removal of metabolites and toxic substances from these areas. This leads to changes in the ligaments and subcutaneous fat cells, which become larger, thicker and stiffer. The result is an unsightly “orange peel”.

Goal: Low-frequency pulse magnetotherapy is the improvement of the microcirculation of oxygenated blood in problem areas.
This starts the detoxification of the incriminated parties. With its significant vasodilating, anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect, it helps with other medical procedures and exercise activities (lymphatic drainage, strengthening of lax tissue, diet and exercise regimens, health cosmetics, etc.) effective elimination of cellulite. A functional vascular and lymphatic system also requires a proper drinking regimen, which is also a condition for all detoxification processes.



Goal: To achieve calmness and general relaxation of the circulatory and nervous systems.


Muscle fatigue

Goal: Alleviate pain and create metabolic conditions to accelerate muscle regeneration.



Goal: Improving the supply of oxygenated blood and nutrients and, by removing acidic metabolites, speeding up the process of regeneration and restoration of energy reserves in the muscle. This creates optimal conditions for further physical performance.


Carpal tunnel

Goal: To support the release or removal of oppression with an anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory effect, to improve the regeneration of damaged tissues.



Goal: The goal is to use magnetotherapy to influence the vascular system, improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients, and try to preserve the functional hair cells of the inner ear, which leads to the correction of functional pathological manifestations, and to minimize further permanent damage.


Tennis elbow

Goal: To reduce pain and promote the healing process together with other surgical and rehabilitation treatments.


Limb ischemia (lack of blood in the limbs)

Objective: Low-frequency pulse magnetotherapy dilates small capillaries and precapillaries and significantly improves the flow of oxygenated blood throughout the entire river bed and tissues. This creates better conditions for normal function.

I look forward to you,  Marie – personal masseuse

Magnetotherapy |

0,5 €/minute

ONLY as an additional fee for my selected massages and therapies. Always stated in the service. OPTION: Minimal time duration: Anti-cellulite and body shaping ... 60-80 minutes | Lymphatic massage... 45 minutes | Reconditioning sport massage... 30-45 minutes. MAXimum times: 90 minutes

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