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Ritual & Relaxation

Rituals Relaxation is a group of procedures that combine massage techniques with significant skin care, pampering and pampering of your physical body. E.g.  The Royal ritual. Indeed, even according to its name, it is a procedure for men as well. So from its name, “royal”… of the masculine gender, it should evoke a desire in a man to get acquainted with its content at least.

Yes, the vast majority of my Relaxation Rituals are attended by women. But more men have already come to me for the ritual Body peeling and massage of the whole body. To each his own.

For women, the Tokoriki ritual – Massage with warm shells is definitely the highlight of everything. The uniqueness of the massage with warm shells is the power of heat and the touch of the shells, which release calcium ions into your skin.


I look forward to seeing you, Marie – personal masseuse & therapist

Marie - Massage Prague |

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Massage Prague

Mánesova 813/4
Praha 2 – Vinohrady

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