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I am a certified masseuse of about 15 types of different massages. The rich offer of my services expanded between 2010-2015. The most popular types of massages are certainly health massages. Specifically, Sports Reconditioning Massage . Most clients come with acute problems. The condition of your back, neck, buttocks and legs is approaching the limit of operability.

I managed to increase the share of conscious clientele. Today, ¼ actually comes for a massage regularly and preventively. Men outnumber women in regularity. What is it?

Prostate massage is next in order of interest in the health category. For men.

Honey massage and Manual lymphatic drainage stand out among health massages for women and men. Next in order is Chinese pressure massage. the Classic Stretching Thai Massage  from time to time.

In the category of Relaxation, the Hot-Stones Lava Stone Massage is the most popular . Ideal on colder days but also in summer. Popular especially among women.

Among purely relaxing massages, the most popular is the Thai oil massage.

My Tantra massages. Not only for the art of touch and energy work. Even Tantra massages have their own website .

As a massage authority and popularly presented (e.g. Květy 2019 magazine ), I can tell you a long story. It will be better for you to see for yourself during your massage at my place in Prague 2, approx. 130m from the Muzeum subway.

Marie – personal certified masseuse 

Marie - Massage Prague |

Opening hours
Monday-Thursday 8:00-20:00
Friday 8:00-19:00

Outside the stated opening hours by appointment.

Massage Prague

Mánesova 813/4
Praha 2 – Vinohrady

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