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Traditional Thai massage

Buddhist temples were originally the home of Traditional Thai Massage. The patient was completely covered. Even during my classic Thai massage, the masseuse is dressed in loose clothing (T-shirt and loose or elastic pants). The massage takes place without the use of oil or emulsion.

How does a Classic Thai massage work?

I use my thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet. rocking, I exert the required pressure on the acupressure points with slow rocking movements.
I continuously press the energy points of the whole body. Pressure points on the energy pathways can be considered as “portals” that open into the body.

Thanks to them, energy exchange takes place between the body and its surroundings. The goal is to establish a balance.

This will release all blockages. Massage helps to relieve pain, tension and stiffness. All your muscles and tendons are relaxed again. Northern classic Thai massage combines yoga and acupressure.


Traditional technique

It consists in the effect of pressure on the energy pathways. Muscles, joints, tendons, feet relax. The spine is stretched. Your reward is total physical and mental relaxation.


Is this the right massage for me?

Ideally, an effective massage should last two to three hours. That is why traditional Thai massages are sometimes called exercise or yoga “for the lazy”. Although it takes longer than the massages we are used to in Europe, it is pleasant and, above all, always helpful. From my experience, it is more often sought after by athletes and people who actively exercise.


Massage time: 120 or 180 minutes.


Marie – personal masseuse


Contraindications Traditional Thai massage:

  • Cancer
  • Acute viral and bacterial diseases
  • Acute phlebitis
  • Thyroid hyperfunction
  • Infectious diseases, fever, when picking up antibiotics, postoperative condition
  • Diseases of blood vessels and liver, kidneys and thyroid gland
  • With psoriasis, I require confirmation from the Attending Physician
  • Heart disease, high blood pressure
  • Severe painful menstruation, pregnancy
Traditional Thai massage |

74 €

120 minut - Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage |

100 €

180 minut - Traditional Thai massage

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