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Reflex lymphatic massage on the soles

Do you know Reflex lymphatic massage on the soles of the feet? Reflex Lymph Drainage?

If you know what Lymphatic massage is, the so-called Manual lymphatic drainage, then Reflex lymphatic massage of the soles of the feet is effective and gentle and very well complements and expands the classic lymphatic massage. Anyone from the age of adolescent can take it.


Differences between Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Reflex Lymphatic Drainage?


Reflex lymphatic massage of the soles of the feet has a longer-term effect and stimulates the body to detoxify more. However, its immediate effect is minimal. 

Manual lymphatic drainage is powerful for rapid detoxification.


When to apply Reflex lymphatic massage on the soles (Manual lymphatic drainage)?

  • strengthening immunity and immune diseases
  • prevention against diseases (musculature, breathing, digestion and excretion)
  • depression, anxiety, fatigue and insomnia or other psychosomatic problems
  • detoxification for a longer period ( several weeks )
  • pain and post-traumatic conditions of the musculoskeletal system
  • cellulite and swelling and other cosmetic problems
  • improvement of physical and mental condition
  • hormonal disharmony


What do we already know about classic lymphatic massage? Comparing the human body and a car.

Lymphatic drainage system is the equivalent of a car’s oil system. No car with an internal combustion engine will run without oil. No human can function without a well-functioning lymphatic system. We change the axle after approx. 12,000 km. Unfortunately, we do not change the lymph. We have to “clean” it regularly. And not only to clean your own lymph, but also to clean the pumps of the lymphatic fluid, the so-called lymph nodes.

Changing the black oil for a new beautiful yellow one in 15 minutes at the service center is the equivalent of a significantly longer process of detoxification and acceleration ( spinning ) of lymph circulation in my case with manual lymph drainage. Neither is for 15 minutes. Deposits in the oil, i.e. toxins from the lymphatic sap, have to get out of the body via the blood system. If you succeed, your lymphatic system will revive (“ turn yellow “ ) and work significantly better.



You are tired? Do you easily succumb to illness and disease? your body retaining Are we mentally irritated? Is your immune system weakened? Do we suffer from leg swelling, facial and abdominal swelling?

Then your lymphatic system is overloaded.


I invite you to your massage.  Marie – personal masseuse

Reflex lymphatic massage on the soles of the feet |

50 €

60 minut - Reflex Lymph Drainage

Reflex lymphatic massage on the soles of the feet |

85 €

120 minut - Reflex Lymph Drainage

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