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Royal ritual | Massage Prague

Royal ritual

is a luxurious experiential procedure for women and men. The Royal Ritual is the pinnacle of my massage techniques by combining many massages into a single experience.


How does work?

The massage takes place on my massage table. A luxurious experience combining several massage procedures that perfectly regenerate your body. First, I will treat your whole body with a peeling em from the salts of the Dead Sea. After massaging into the skin and subsequent cleansing, I combine techniques from my relaxation massage , anti-stress head massage , Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage and Lava Stone massage . I pamper you with my touches. All colored by pleasant relaxing music. In the final part of the Royal Ritual, I will treat your softened skin with body butter. Your skin is fully hydrated for at least the next 24 hours.

The combination of all these massages in my masterful execution and the “refinement” of its execution will surely satisfy your experience cups.


Ladies and Gentlemen, you want to become queens and kings!


WHEN have you treated yourself to a luxurious royal experience?


Rituale times: 120 minutes


I look forward to you, Marie – personal masseuse

Royal ritual | Massage Prague

79 €

120 minut - Royal ritual

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