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Tibetan bowl therapy

Inverted bell, Nepalese singing bowl, Tibetan bowl. Under all these names hides a musical instrument that was known to people in the Himalayan region of Nepal several thousand years ago. Buddhist monks are probably responsible for their spread, who brought them with them to Tibet, from where the bowls spread throughout the world. Thanks to this, you too can enjoy the soothing and beneficial sound of these ancient instruments, restoring the harmonic frequency of the body.
Tibetan bowl, inverted bell or Nepalese singing bowl are all the same names for the same thing. Originally from Nepal or Tibet. Made of seven metals, the composition of which is a secret. For us, an ancient musical instrument with beneficial effects.

How does Tibetan bowl therapy work?

During a vibrating massage with Tibetan bowls, you lie on my massage table or futon in comfortable clothes. I have Tibetan bowls in three sizes and I place them on different parts of your body, where I then make them sound. First, I’ll take the middle one and place it on your chest. I play or better vibrate the mallet along the edge of the bowl. The size of the bowls and their frequency tuning are related to specific organs in our body. I place bowls on individual energy centers. Our body is 70% water. The water of the body takes the frequency from the bowl and the human tissue vibrates gently. Toxins are shaken out thanks to the vibration of the tissue at a different frequency. You deeply perceive relaxing sounds and energy vibrations in your body. Our body responds to vibrations of different wavelengths according to our specific organs. A healthy human organ vibrates at its optimal frequency, which is unique in the body. This is considered the physical aspect.

What is the effect on the psyche?

Energy massage with vibrations and sound will deeply relax your psyche. Again, thanks to the frequency of the sound, the energy points, the so-called chakras, can be released and spin. If you have recently gone through strong emotional states that can be broken down with energy massage. Even if you can’t meditate, the mind still relaxes.
The vibrations are deeply relaxing and energetically internally cleansing and psychologically relaxing. The tones of Tibetan bowls can be considered healing. Thanks to the detoxifying effects.
After an energy massage, you are internally harmonized, calmer and positively attuned with a cheerful mind.
Energy vibration massage with a Tibetan bowl is suitable and I recommend it to everyone:
  • Are you in too much of a hurry, stressed at work or at home?
  • Are you generally depressed or do you fall into them more often?
  • Do you suffer from headaches, neck and back pain?
  • Are you irritable, unfocused, moody?
Do you want to enrich yourself and treat yourself to a truly luxurious relaxing experience of the magical frequencies of Tibetan bowls?
Rituale times: 60 minutes

I look forward to you, Marie – personal masseuse

Tibetan bowl therapy |

40 €

60 minut - Tibetan bowl therapy

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