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Hawaiian massage Lomi-Lomi

Hawaiian massage is considered a pearl among massages. Her name “Lomi-Lomi” means kind hands or kind forearms. In the Hawaiian Islands, this massage has been practiced since ancient times.


How is Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage performed?

The basics consist in the use of special Hawaiian techniques. The specifics of the massage lies in the touch and rhythm. Long and rhythmic strokes of the forearm are alternately supplemented by the work of the palms and fingers. Gentle and long strokes smoothly alternate with stronger pressures in a regular rhythm, while moving the whole body. My movements during the Hawaiian massage can be likened to dancing. As part of the exotic aromatherapy creates a sense of peace and tranquility, which is permeated with this Hawaiian massage.


Effects of Lomi-Lomi massage?

Thus, the individual separated areas of the body are again connected into a single whole. They relax and dissolve blockages. The soul and body are elevated. If I supplement Lomi-Lomi with the effects of hot stone massage, the whole massage has a great therapeutic and relaxing effect.

The muffled light of burning candles, the warmth of a massage chair, Polynesian music and the aroma of coconut oil will fulfill your expectations. I’m barefoot during the massage. This is due not only to tradition, but above all to be “well grounded”, and also to better stability.


I look forward to you,

Marie – personal masseuse


Contraindications to Hawaiian massage Lomi-Lomi:

  • Infectious diseases, fever or antibiotics
  • Very high or low pressure
  • Local infection or inflammation
  • In case of injury or just after surgery, accident, injury
  • Cancer
  • Vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, inflammation of veins and arteries, etc.
  • Epilepsy
  • Psoriasis
  • They are not very suitable for pregnant women, because of their intensity.
Hawaiian massage Lomi-Lomi |

48 €

60 minut - Hawaiian massage Lomi-Lomi

Hawaiian massage Lomi-Lomi |

65 €

90 minut - Hawaiian massage Lomi-Lomi

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