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Hot stones massage

Hot lava stone massage is a less traditional way of massage. It is one of the oldest relaxation techniques that has a positive effect on the human organism. The ancient Chinese and Mayans already knew about the beneficial effect of solidified lava stones 5000 years ago. In Japan, it was customary to apply them to acupressure points in the abdomen, where they served not only to support digestion and to restore the energy flow in the body. Their effects on our nervous system are well known.

Thanks to the combination of massage, hot stones and the principles of Chinese medicine, it can be used for a wide range of problems.


Lava stones

on the Czech market it mostly comes from China or from Hawaii. They differ according to the percentage of metals, their smoothness, whether they are slightly modified or not at all. Their extraction from the upper or deeper layers of the earth. I use the better ones from the deep layers. In order to make the massage as effective as possible, the extraordinary properties of lava stones are used, it is better if they are of Hawaiian origin. Stones with a large surface, which allows the transfer of a greater amount of heat, are best suited for massage.

I use a special type of massage that is very popular thanks to the therapeutic technique of Hawaiian massage and the heat of real lava stones.

How does a Hot Stones massage work?

This is a luxurious massage that I enrich with natural oils, which allows the stones to glide better and at the same time add softness and elasticity to your skin. In this massage, I combine knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine (Chi energy), the action of volcanic stones and elements of Hawaiian massage.

Before the massage itself, I preheat the stones to a temperature of 37 to 40 °C, which is then absorbed by the skin into the deeper tissues. This relaxes stiff muscles.

Warm lava stones will warm your whole body, relax the muscles deeply, awaken blood circulation, improve the flow of energy in the pathways/meridians. The feeling of relaxation, self-confidence and beauty will return to you. After a lava stone massage, the client feels wonderful also because the healing power of the stones remains in the muscles for a long time. After the massage, you can feel the effect of the warm lava stones for the rest of the day, so we highly recommend indulging in a massage on cold days.

What are the efects of Hot lawa stones massage?

  • The heat of the stones and their waves act through the energy centers in our body (chakras), which are connected by meridians. These lead from the tips of the toes and hands to all the internal organs. In case of health problems or increased fatigue, these meridians are blocked, energy does not flow in the body, and fatigue, irritability, exhaustion and illness occur. It is the hot stones that can stimulate the activity of the organs. The renewed flow of energy calms and relaxes the client and partially washes away toxins and stress from the body. The cleansing process of detoxification starts and the overall regeneration of the body takes place.
  • The hot pressure from the stones penetrates, among other things, immediately into the muscles. Spasms are released, pain dissolves, stiffness and tissue regeneration occurs. Skin pores open.
  • The overall blood circulation improves, the lymphatic and immune systems are strengthened.
  • Heat regulates digestion and accelerates metabolism.
  • Regular massage with lava stones significantly helps in eliminating insomnia, concentration and inability to relax. Even during menopause, as it calms the psyche.

I recommend it to everyone who is under constant pressure and is forced to give a top performance in a short time.

Duration of massage: 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

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Contraindications Hota lawa stones massage:

  • high blood pressure
  • epilepsy, asthma
  • diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Acute viral and bacterial diseases
  • Acute phlebitis
  • Thyroid hyperfunction
  • Infectious diseases, fever, when picking up antibiotics, postoperative condition
  • Diseases of blood vessels and liver, kidneys and thyroid gland
  • With psoriasis, I require confirmation from the Attending Physician
  • Heart disease, high blood pressure
  • Severe painful menstruation, pregnancy
Hot lawa stones massage |

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60 minut - Hot lawa stones

Hot stones massage |

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90 minut - Hot stones

Hot lawa stones massage |

75 €

120 minut - Hot lawa stones

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