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Massage with hot shells

The most luxurious body treatment in my entire range of services. A luxurious experiential massage with an energetic effect on the body and mind. Massage with hot shells is otherwise called the Tokoriki ritual.

For this exotic ritual I use sea shells from the islands in the South Pacific around the Philippines and Fiji. These are finely scalloped cockles of unique size, shape and complete structure. Mussels, or shells, are calcareous shells of marine molluscs. Each seashell has a unique appearance, size, color and texture.
The natives have been collecting them, carefully working them, grinding them and polishing them to a high shine for ages in the same way. When paired and connected, they create a beautiful natural tool for massage therapy.

The natural patented activator that is inserted into the shell heats the entire shell practically immediately. The heating technology itself has a long-term effect. The shells maintain a pleasant heat throughout the therapy.


How does a massage with hot shells work?

This massage begins with a whole body treatment with sugar cane peeling with minerals. This is followed by a massage with hot shells of the whole body (not the face) with fragrant oil. I apply softening mango butter on you, wrap you in a full-body wrap. And it’s time for your deep relaxation.

The uniqueness of massage with hot shells lies in the power of heat and touch. The shells heat up, produce calcium ions that penetrate directly into the skin during massage. The healing effect of targeted heating and intuitive energetic Polynesian massage.

In connection with natural oils (virgin coconut oil), regeneration processes occur, the skin has a firmer and healthier appearance, heat reduces muscle fatigue and physical and psychological regeneration occurs.
When natural oils are used, regeneration processes occur. The skin has a firmer and healthier appearance and the heat reduces muscle fatigue. An amazing physical and mental regeneration takes place.
After this hot seashell massage of mine, you will be perfectly relaxed and rested.


I recommend this massage:

  • chronic muscle pain in the back, neck and limbs,
  • muscles strained as a result of greater load,
  • detoxification of the organism


Massage results in a significant increase in blood flow to body areas, and muscles relax or even eliminate some muscle spasms.

It helps in the treatment of a number of psychosomatic and civilization diseases, and massage has often helped where modern medical science has failed.


I invite you to your Ritual Tokoriki.

Marie – personal masseuse, Massage Prague 2


Contraindications to Massage with hot shells:

  • Infectious diseases, fever or antibiotics
  • Very high or low pressure
  • Local infection or inflammation
  • In case of injury or just after surgery, accident, injury
  • Cancer
  • Vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, inflammation of veins and arteries, etc.
  • Epilepsy
  • Psoriasis
  • They are not very suitable for pregnant women, because of their intensity.
Massage with hot shells |

90 €

90 minut - Massage with Hot shells

Massage with hot shells |

120 €

120 minut - Massage with Hot shells

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