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Anal and Vaginal mapping

Vaginal mapping is a therapy for women. Anal mapping is therapy for men. Anal and vaginal mapping is performed in the area of the first chakra, which is also referred to as the root chakra. It is an acupressure technique “Body care“, the founder of which is sexological bodywork Mr. Joseph Kramer. Vaginal mapping, like anal mapping, has its own ethics. Acupressure touches are applied directly to the anus or vagina and also to the inner thighs. Massage is performed where the tissue is less sensitive. You control the speed and intensity based on the feelings and experiences you perceive during it. In the vast majority of cases, it is appropriate (desirable) to apply two to three mapping therapies lasting 120 minutes.

The course of Anal and Vaginal mapping

You need to be focused in your body and be active. Displace your thoughts and breathe properly. The state of your body and mind is the same as, for example, during meditation. Using acupressure touches, I relieve you of pain and insensitive areas. The speed of progress from one point to the next is therefore up to you according to the intensity of the experience. We can go through a completely individual amount of points for one therapy. The boundaries of each of you are individual. If the tissue in a given place is contracted, there is a high probability that traumas, unpleasant operations, complicated births and the like have occurred in the past. The goal is to loosen the tissue and thus dissolve the psychological block.

Experiences during Anal and Vaginal mapping

The intensity of the pain is different in each tissue site according to the characteristics of the problem that caused it. Traumatic spasms are released precisely by conscious breathing into these places. The tissue becomes smoother and more sensitive. If you are empathic, you can remember the event at any point, breathe through it, even relive the trauma and help release it. And with my acupressure touches to dissolve the trauma.

Conditions after Anal and Vaginal mapping

The goal is to gain a sense of greater SELF-WORTH. If a woman has not had an orgasm, she experiences those beautiful feelings again. And they tend to be intense! The same applies to Men in anal mapping therapy. A woman’s menstrual period is not an obstacle. Often during menstruation, experiences during vaginal mapping are more intense and therefore more healing. But it applies to each of you individually. Some women will not really consider the menstrual period appropriate. Anal mapping in a man can be done practically at any time. For more information, see Vaginal and Anal mapping on my website about Tantra Massages.


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