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New professional website |
New professional website

After many, many years, I received a complete redesign of my professional website, which is now multilingual. There were many comments on the original website, e.g. to many different types of information in one place. Inability of the website to display correctly on mobile devices. Website accessibility issues. A new professional website was an existential necessity.

I was relieved…

I would like to dedicate this new main website of to myself and especially to you.

I would like you to participate more in its content. If you have a question, write it in the Comments under the post (News menu) or even under individual articles. It’s true that if a website visitor is reading an article and there is an opportunity to write a short question or your experience… it’s better to write it IMMEDIATELY below the text rather than jumping into an email, texting or calling.

There was supposed to be another website of mine about energy therapies. For the time being, I am personally suspending the provision of energy therapies for a period of a few weeks or months until it is “solved” or rather unraveled. In addition to energetic and experiential massage with Tibetan bowls.

I look forward to it, and it gives me immense pleasure if I can help you.


Marie, your personal masseuse & therapist

Marie - Massage Prague |

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Massage Prague

Mánesova 813/4
Praha 2 – Vinohrady

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