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Among my health massages, there was a massage missing, which would be a compromise between my Sports Reconditioning massage and the Relaxation Intuitive massage only. In other words, a health massage, where the goal would not be to release blocked spasms, but a gentler health massage relaxes the muscles and the psyche and is generally regenerating. It was because I preferred myself as a masseuse from the Reconditioning massages segment. Such a massage is the Swedisch massage Regenerative.

This regenerative massage of the back and other muscles with a gentle and sensitive massage. The main difference is in the pain thresholds. Classic Swedish regenerative massage is fully sufficient in the case of tired and slightly overloaded muscles, when the muscles have not yet been blocked. The Swedish massage is pleasant, even though the pressure and strength of my hands is higher than in relaxation massages.

Swedisch massage Regenerative is prepared just for you.

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