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Tickling | Tickling theraphy
Tickling | Tickling theraphy

At first I thought of tickling as relaxation, simply a fad of the Western world. Which will soon be in demand here as well. My experiences with tickling, even on the fingers of one hand so far, testify to the great potential of tickling relaxation.

I have already enjoyed dozens of tickle therapies and was surprised by the results. Some of them with foreigners. Most of them were addicted to tickling. In childhood and youth, most of us are very ticklish, in adulthood, most of us tickle zones are no longer exciting for tickling and shivering, or at least not so exciting.


Of course, the tickling technique also matters a lot!?

Although it seems like a simple and undemanding activity, the opposite is true. In the second quarter of an hour and then, if necessary, the demand on the tickler increases. Both tickling technique and physical endurance.

Each of us knows well how we are tickled in many places of the body. Soft shimmering touches cause deep relaxation and total relaxation. Laughter puts us in a very positive mood, which also has beneficial health consequences.


Not sure if you’re ticklish?

Book a Tickling Therapy session lasting at least 45 minutes. In the first 5-6 minutes I will find all your tickle zones and test their arousal. If you belong to the unexciting group, and you surprise yourself with your reaction, everything is O.K. If you are already tired of tickling or want to finish earlier, we will fill the remaining time with a Relaxing Intuitive massage.

Tickling experience

Are you ticklish? Then this tickling experience will fill you to the brim. And you’ll probably want to revisit it again in the future. After all, laughter heals and prolongs life.

Do not hesitate! Tickling is in vogue, it’s popular, and you’ll totally unwind.


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